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Posted on Jul 25, 2015 in Art


Banksy is a pseudonymous English graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter.

His satirical street art combines dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stencilling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.

Banksy’s work grew out of the Bristol underground scene, which involved collaborations between artists and musicians. Observers have noted that his style is similar to Blek le Rat, who began to work with stencils in 1981 in Paris. Banksy says that he was inspired by “3D”, a graffiti artist who later became a founding member of Massive Attack, an English musical group.

Banksy displays his art on publicly visible surfaces such as walls and self-built physical prop pieces. Banksy does not sell photographs or reproductions of his street graffiti, but art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.

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Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Art

Indian Sand Sculptures

Sudarsan Pattnaik is a talented sand artist in India. He started sculpting images on sand since the age of seven and has designed hundreds of sand sculpture. His official website is at

Sudarshan Pattnaik giving finishing touches on a sand sculpture of Sleeping Beauty at a Sand Art Festival held in Turkey


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Posted on Jul 21, 2013 in Art

Food Sculptures

Photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu recreates everyday objects out of fruits and vegetables. With his sculptures, Dan transforms common everyday eatables into recognizable objects. You can follow his work here.



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Posted on Jul 21, 2013 in Art


Mosaiculture is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made primarily from plants with colorful foliage (generally annuals, and occasionally perennials). The colorful two- and three-dimensional drawings, designs, sculptures and reliefs thus created employ a wide variety of flora. This multifaceted and complex discipline, an ornamental art, draws on numerous practices: on sculpture for its structure and volume, on painting for its palette, and on horticulture in its use of plants in a living, constantly changing environment. Mosaiculture should be distinguished from topiary, which features mostly shrubs pruned to create different shapes.

Considered the world’s most prestigious competition of horticultural art, the 2013 edition of Mosaiculture is currently on display at Montreal Botanical Garden in Quebec, Canada. Mosaiculture originated in Montreal in 2000. It is now a prestigious international competition, staged every three years in a different city, with funding from governments and the private sector. Last time, it was held in Shanghai, before coming back to Montreal again.





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Posted on Jul 21, 2013 in Art

3D Latte Art

Japanese latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto has taken coffee art to an impressive new level. I’ve posted about latte art before, but this 26-year-old takes it to a whole new level. He specializes in building actual 3D latte foam sculptures, some of which even climb out of their cups and reach out for others. Some of the latest temporary masterpieces swirled out of Yamamoto’s cup include a detailed giraffe, a three-eyed alien and a Hello Kitty character peeking out of a mug.

Currently, Kazuki Yamamoto is working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka. To keep up with Yamamoto’s creations, check out his Twitter stream.





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Posted on Jun 25, 2013 in Art

3D Pencil Sketches

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki plays with light, shadow and perspective to create these optical illusions using the entire spread of his sketchbooks. Once propped against a wall and viewed from the perfect angle his illustrations seem to leap off the page creating a visual effect similar to an MC Escher drawing. See many more examples on his website.


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